Sk8 sesh at Liwaliwa, San Felipe, Zambales.

It gets really windy and the waves get really choppy in Zambales in the afternoons. Perfect time to surf concrete waves with the Surfstar Road Surfboard. The closest sensation to surfing on land.

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I fractured my second metatarsal about a month ago. Being stuck at home with nothing to do while waiting to heal, this is what I came up with.

The Plague

    It kinda makes me sad sometimes to see friends posting/spreading Hoaxes like “Some evil person has done something evil (With alleged photo which was very well doctored), let us spread the news” or Medical hoaxes like “these brands of lipstick will give you cancer” or “Using antiperspirants can give you breast cancer”, and other very well doctored/photoshopped images of things or events that never happened.

    I feel a complete and utter disgust for people that spread such items! They’re a disease - more like a plague - to society. I feel really bad though for gullible friends who fall for it and blindly believe and help spread such rumors.

    Truth be told, I could care less if half the world acts like lunatics and stops using a certain product or condemn some unknown person - who probably never existed anyway - just because they’re too dumb to get their facts right. I do care about my friends looking like total fools though.

    Luckily, this can be stopped. Like most diseases, there is a cure for this. It’s called "CheckBeforeBelievidol". Generic name for the drug is called “Commonsensodyne”. What it does is send more blood cells to the brain in hopes that they grow common sense.

    Sarcasm aside though, when you see chain mails, photos or posts on Facebook that are making a claim about something of colossal scale…. think again. Check before you believe! You might save yourself from hypertension or just plain embarrassment. Either way, it helps to be an open-minded skeptic.

    So, while I’m still injured and have the time, I’ll make a list of trusted websites you can check to see if what you saw, heard or read is real or not. You can also google (Yes no capitalization needed for google cause it’s now officially a verb too) literature about rumors from reliable sources. Reliable sources meaning, websites or documents that were released by authorities on the subject matter and not FACEBOOK.

    So now back to business. Here’s a list of websites that I personally prefer to check…

    Hope this article helped and saved you from the embarrassment of re-posting or forwarding articles that means squat.

Ever wonder what Hitler would look like doing the Gwiyomi / Kiyomi ? Well here it is ^_^

gwiyomi / Kiyomi (Hitler) version 2 (by PlanetJetProductions)

My Sanctuary

Tail sliding my surf skates w/ 90 fps slow motion ^_^

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